V35A-FTS LC Engine in competition at Dakar

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Oct 28, 2002
Western Massachusetts
The new 2022 Toyota Hilux T1+ Class truck has replaced the 5.0L V8 with the 3.5 TT from the Land Cruiser/LX 600.

"Thanks to the supremely capable production version of the Land Cruiser 300 V6 twin turbo engine, the team was able to work with the engine in stock form. The standard Toyota turbos are used, as well as a standard intercooler. The orientation of the intercooler had to be modified for the race car, but the part itself remains stock, as it is inherently extremely efficient."

Mid Engine, 350mm/13.8" wheel travel, 37" tires


This thing looks sweet. Mid engine IFS and IRS. Would love to know more about the suspension designs and what the car look like without the bodies.

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