V-Belts sooo confusing

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Nov 22, 2008
Richmond B.C.
I have a JDM 89 FJ62 3F carbed gasser I am trying to pick up some backup V belts for roadside emergencies like the other day when I started up the cruiser and the Alt belt snapped I happened to have a spare in the LC which was lucky.
Now my problem is I have 3 belts of which 2 of them I can get from my local dealer but the third is a different path configuration than the north american listed option.... part # 90916-02137 is the one I need but it is not listed in the dealers catalogue since it is a JDM part number anyone out there know if the n.a. part is the same in length.

My VP(power steering pump) is top left WP mid top right and CK lower right...on the n.a. it runs from VP across to AP far right then down to AL then return over the IP back to the VP why the two different paths

Why did they change the V-belt configurations around so much it does not make sense to me since most gassers have the same components except they changed the belt paths around several times over the years...... Grrrr what ever happened to keep it simple.
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A few options that come to mind...

1. Take the belt to a local autoparts store, and ask for a match.
2. Call SOR.com, they carry a lot of stuff for non-NA cruisers.
3. Contact beno or cdan, they can sometimes get non-NA parts.
4. Order from AUS.
I've never used one, but I've seen adjustable length v belts. You could carry one of those for emergencies while you wait for the JDM part.

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