V-8 Swap - Look at This and Tell Me What You Think.

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Feb 4, 2006
OK, I got a lot done today on the V-8 swap in my pig but I also generated several questions along the way. To start with I'm using a Mark's Adapter along with a stock 4-speed. I installed a new flywheel, clutch, and pressure plate, and bolted up the Mark's and the bellhousing to postion and fab the mounts up. Well I discovered along the way that since I will be using the stock bellhousing and bellhousing mounts that the engine will end up being offset about 2 1/2" towards the driver's side. I didn't realize this until I put it all together. I also measured at the rear mounts to verify this. If you look at my pictures you will see on the picture of the driver's side that I have the bolt through where I intend on mounting the AA Motor Mount. Also running under this is my steering stem. Obviously the mount will be obstructing things so I intend on cutting it off near the middle to provide room for steering. On the passenger side I intend on mounting to the last hole. You can see a bolt there also.
What do you guys think of this? Also, you V-8 guys are your mounts (the metal mount part) flush with the top of the frame? As you can see of the picture of the whole engine, it is pointed upwards due to the hoist. How much should it be pointed upwards when I'm done? I looked at my 74 FJ40's engine and it is canted upward somewhat in the front.
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it looks a little hi to me, i can look at mine tonight and get more info, i know mine is more to one side that the other,

It's high for sure right now because I have it jacked up with the hoist. It would set down a couple of inches from there if I weld the mounts flush with the top of the frame.
Hi Mtrdud,

Nice work! I'm not much help to you, just a grateful follower. I'm relieved to see the motor mount on the DS doesn't end up right in the middle of the shock tower. Looks like after you trim that it will be fine.

During my research, I founfd this pic of a 55 conversion in the 55 section, not surte where, but I think this was an AA conversion, but as far as height, it shows the mount flush here....

Eli in Boise
AA Motor Mount.JPG
ok so heres the skinny.

i dont use these mounts that you have but i had some lying around and threw them on and took some photos of what it would, look like on mine mounted

and yours looks right on the one side to mine
hope these help. if i can be of any other assists let me know
AA Mounts

Here is what I did after the initial post. I went back and cut the mount off and ground it at an angle to work with my steering. I have a Saginaw also but my shaft comes in lower. I put the shaft on with this set-up and there will be plenty of room. I also lowered the front of the engine some more to put the mounts even with the top of the frame rails. I guess tomorrow I will tack the scab plates and weld the mounts in. I have seen on several posts where the mounts that attach to the frame are put in both ways (sort of like a cradle) and the opposite way. Is there a definate correct way and why? Is it just preference as to how high you want the front of the engine?
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IMO, don't mount like the "cradle", that's upside down. You want the engine to be able to slide
back and fourth. Engine mounts rest on the frame mounts w/the outside flat of the angle iron up. Someday, you might half to pull the engine w/o the driveline.
The bottom of my mount (the bracket you shortened) is 3" above the top of my frame rail. This gives my oil pan healthy clearance to the axle, particularly the pumpkin area.

With a 2" fan spacer, the bottom of my 18" fan is 1" from the radiator core, and at the top the blade is 2" from the core.

And yes, the AA kit does offset the engine, just like the original.

I'm running the stock steering box, so obviously I have no steering shaft clearance issues around my mount.

Oh, and BTW, the outside three holes on the mount on the driver's side of my FJ40 are not in use. The bolt goes through the 4th hole. The 3rd hole rests on the puck, so it has to remain. But the outer two holes could be cut off on my mounts and it wouldn't hurt a thing.
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I've got similar mounts and mine are aprox. 3/4" above the frame rail. The result is good drive-line angles and somewhat lower center of gravity. If I were to do it again I would position the engine 1/2" further back making the front and rear driveshafts the same length (w/ stock 4-speed).

He means if you go to remove the engine at some point you need to be able to slide it around on the mount bracket...NOT as you drive the vehicle.
I have searched this thread up looking for answers. I am attempting to position my 350 on a bare frame (4spd AA adapter)

Does anyone have a picture of what the AA motor mounts (engine side) look like? I know i can google the picture but i am more curious when you look into your engine compartment is the mount level with lets say the two upper bolts that bolt them to the engine block?? Reason i ask is i could line those two holes up about 3/4 above my frame and bingo......

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