UZJ100 OEM wheels

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Jun 20, 2004
Round Rock, TX
United States
16" wheels off of a '99 UZJ100,four factory chrome ones in excellent condition (no gouges, scratches or dings), one factory alloy one in mint condition (spare wheel, never used). They are mounted on Michelin 275s, four are in good condition, one is in mint condition, never used.

$150 as is OBO, come get them in Austin, TX. Prefer not to ship at this time.

Motivated, need to get them out of my garage ASAP, PM me if you're interested or email me at <>.
That is an awesome deal for someone!
Wow! Bump for a good deal.
Sent you a PM...let me know if you still have the wheels.
Exiled, are you out there??? I've posted here, sent PM's and emails???
Lets talk if you have the wheels. I have a sister-in-law in Austin that could store them until I find a "ride" for them to CO! :steer:
Exiled should be around...I need to hit him up for some bbq rub...

Don't need no 5-lug wheels though...


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