For Sale UT: 93-94 FZJ80 - green driver door handle, intake hose, VAF, etc

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Sep 18, 2012
Orem, UT
United States
I opportunistically pulled some parts off of a green '94 at a junk yard.

No i don't know what is still on it - it's not convenient for me to get back to it. So I'm not taking requests.

I have an air intake hose in excellent condition. I have cleaned it in an effort to search for any cracks. It's perfect. Based on my own experience i recommend replacing the wire clamps at the ends with band clamps. I can source appropriate t-bolt band clamps locally if you like. $45 shipped. I am under the impression that the 93-94 is different from earlier and later styles.

Complete VAF - that is, vane air flow meter, barn door air meter, etc. In case you broke yours. $100 shipped.

Drivers outside door handle in green. That would be front left. No deep scratches. Normal wear, would polish up nicely with some rubbing compound. $40 shipped. I am under the impression that it will fit any 80 series year, but not certain.

I also have a few of the gray inside door finger guards / door cups / whatever you want to call them that are in good undamaged condition. When i am done figuring out which of mine need to be replaced i may have a left or a right available.

I also took the complete throttle body including IAC solenoid and what looks like a new throttle position sensor but so far my plan is to rehab this one to like-new condition and swap it onto my rig when i do the valve cover gasket.
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Bump! and price drops.
Price adjustment bump. Prices are firm, feel free to comparison shop.
I sure do. Only the vaf has been sold. Will pm in a bit.
Picture of handle

Bump. Intake hose still available.
I am interested in your door handle provided the last fellow did not follow through. Mine just broke....
sorry, it's gone. try maybe?
Sorry everything but the finger guards is sold.

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