USFS - Tasker's Gap/Peter's Mill Work Day - Saturday Dec. 9, 2017

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Mar 16, 2009
McLean, VA
I talked to Wade this morning and he requested we do a clean-out of the culverts on the trail and the Edinburg parking lot, in addition to cutting back brush along the trail. The culvert cleaning can be hard, dirty work but it helps avoid washout damage caused by clogged culverts and drainage ditches.

I also talked to Andy Giordano from the Washington Trail Riders (WTR). They will be working on Saturday Dec. 9th and invited us to join them. They will bring food for us if we tell them an expected headcount. Post up if you can make it on Saturday Dec. 9th.

Cleaning out the culverts can go quickly if we have at least 6-8 guys with mulch forks, stout leaf rakes, a couple of tarps and a leaf blower or two. The tarps will help us move the large volume of leaves from the uphill side of the road to the downhill side. The blower is used in the parking lot to clean up behind us.

It a different date works better for us, we can go our own way. I will need to know a headcount of those who can commit to the 9th no later than Friday 12/1 so they can buy the food.

Post up if interested.
I can probably make the 9th work.

Can anyone who lives out that way swing by the Lee District Ranger Station M-F between 8am - 4:30pm and pick-up the 6 Volunteer passes Wade is holding for us?
I don't know if I can make it but I'll volunteer my backpack Stihl leaf blower for the work day if someone can pick it up.
I'm in for the 9th. Can bring a tarp. Let me know the expected start and stop times and the meetup location.
I should be able to get by there. And get the passes.
I should be able to get by there. And get the passes.

Thanks Chris, I'll let them know. When you get there ask for Stephanie Chapman or Wade Bushong. Don't sign the passes, he only has those 6 so we have to return them so he can reuse them. Big Thanks!
My nephew is here that day from California for a baseball scouting tryout at Georgetown. 8-12. Gotta be with him all morning. I'd be there otherwise
Wash Trail Riders will start at 10am and have lunch for everyone in the Edinburg Gap parking lot at 1pm. I'm on light duty with a shoulder injury and most likely won't be able to make it.

Chris - Will you please pass around a sheet of paper and pen for everyone to print their name, address, round trip mileage, and hours worked then sign the paper? This is what the USFS uses to win grant money for improvement and maintenance projects. Thanks!
Will do.
Weather report is snow starting at 5AM and continuing most of the day. I'm fine with it but any chance they might cancel this?
I think if it snows it will be canceled. But I'm not sure. I'll post up tomorrow morning as to what the weather is doing on this side of the Mountain.
Ok, I'll be leaving DC about 7AM to drop my dog off with a friend before I head out so I'll check back here.
I'm in if it doesn't get cancelled by weather, bringing my kids. Am I able to bring my dog as well?
I'm in if it doesn't get cancelled by weather, bringing my kids. Am I able to bring my dog as well?
Yes, but keep the dog close. There will be motorcyclists flying around and you don't want anyone or the dog to get hurt.

As for those of you afraid to go out in the flurries with your 4x4, maybe you should think about trading-in your junk for a pink J**p.

A snowed out work day becomes a fun wheeling day!

Stay warm and enjoy the fresh air. I'm sorry I won't be with you this time. I'm spending too much money on doctor visits and physical therapy trying to heal this nagging shoulder injury to risk re-injury (I'm not as dumb as I look).
There is no snow in winchester. I'll be there around 10:00
I won't be there like planned, had something come up this morning have fun y'all
I'm running late.
Pritty bad turn out by the CLCC club. I told them "Do to the weather there was probably a line at Starbucks!"
10 guys from the motorcycle club
2 from CLCC
We cleared Taskers Gap parking area of over growth. There was 2-3" of snow when I left at 12:00.

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