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I just found a rig and I need to change the driver's side mirror & the driver's side window glass does not go up...I also need a re-upholster kit and or replacement front seats..both.. I'm looking for resources for used parts in Canada or the US. Anyone have any links ? Thanks and looking foward to officially joing the community. I should have my 94 LC up here in Canada in 2 weeks :D
I've been trying to reach since last friday and I get a busy signal. I must have called 50 times :rolleyes: can't even leave amessage. Is this a reliable company? I left them an e-mail with a short list of parts I need on Monday....hopfully I will get a response soon.

Has anyone dealt with them before?...experiences

Anyone have any other resources for used ...good condition parts.Thanks to anyone who can help. :confused:
Cruiserparts has been hard to get a hold of in the past, but has always done a good job when I get them finally. E-mail is the best option for them.

Google search for NIX99, they are a Toyota specialty wrecking yard in Washington, you can nearly always get a real person on the phone to check parts for you. I've had trouble finding parts with them lately though. Seems as if Cruiserparts has a better selection?

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