Used OE R&P's - 4x/5x/6x/7x/8x/100/200


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Jan 9, 2003
Anyone need some cheap stock Land Cruiser gear ratios? We need some space back on pallet rracking and have 100+ used takeout OEM gears & stock open/LSD carriers from 4x/6x/7x/8x/100 & 200 regear and locker installs. These are all used gears. We have new ratios available at regular pricing via

4x/5x/6x/7x F&R and 8x Rear only 4.10 9.5" Fine Spline (27) R&P Set - $40/each, 2 for $70 (10+ avail)

4x/5x/6x/7x F&R and 8x Rear only 4.56 9.5" Fine Spline (27) R&P Set (Not OEM) - SOLD great for a trail spare diff build. (1 avail)

4x/5x F&R 4.10 9.5" Course Spline (10) R&P Set - $30/each, 2 for $50 (10+ avail)

8x/10x Front HP 4.10 Fine Spline (27) R&P Set - $50/each. (10+ avail)

10x/200 Rear 9.5" 4.30 Fine Spline (29) R&P - $50/each (5+ available)

We have a ton of 9.5" 30/32 spline open carriers, HP 8", etc. We have a handful of early Cruiser 9.5" threaded ring gear 4.11 R&P's

If you want a pallet load for spares, art, etc. 100% down to make that happen too! OBO on all parts, shipping on your dime :D

LMK via PM or you can call Cruiser Outfitters 801-563-1277.

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