Used gen1 TRD Supercharger

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Apr 8, 2009
Indianapolis, IN
I've got a Gen-1 TRD (Magnuson) supercharger from a 98 4-Runner. The unit was pulled from the vehicle because the owner was giving it to his nephew and didn't want him having a 'souped up' engine. !?!?!? Anyway it ended up being my project and I got to keep the parts. it's got 100k on it, ran great when it was pulled. I made the mistake of pulling the nose cone back to look at the gears and the stinky oil came out of it. But I called Magnuson and they sell an 'oil change kit' for it. I'll never use it, and thought someone might be able to. I have all of the mounting hardware brackets, belt etc. Make me an offer, I'd love to get it off of my shelf. I'd trade for some FJ40/350 swap parts. Let me know if you want pictures.
How much are you asking?

Rules=must post prices......
Which motor is it for?
I really didn't know how much it might go for, sorry for not following the rules. I would sell it for $100+shipping, or trade for some FJ40 parts for my upcoming 350TBI swap. I need a 168T flywheel, Clutch setup for a 350, Stock GM 350 bellhousing (I'm going to get a Ranger O/D for the adapter)

The S/C was on a 5VZ-FE in a '98 4-Runner.
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Put me second :)
I will give you $200 + shipping.
man the price keeps going up, and nobody even asked for pictures!?!? I should have posted this thing a long time ago. I just figured 'who'd want that?!?!' LOL

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