Use of vehicle (ideally a cruiser) in Talkeetna for summer


Nov 1, 2004
Hi All - thought I'd reach out in case anyone might have ideas or could help in any way. I have a daughter that's spending the summer in Talkeetna who needs to secure use of a vehicle to get back and forth to work at a minimum, but ideally would be a cruiser or other 4x4 that she could take on a few mild adventuring day trips while there roughly June 1 - august 15.

I'm open to any arrangement that could be worked out, from a buy/sell back kinda deal to renting it or ideas?

I'm thinking something that nets an owner some hundreds dollars while protecting them from risk of collision, liability, deductibles, etc.

If you have any ideas or are of the mind to help I would appreciate hearing from you sooner vs later - need to pull this together in the next couple weeks.

My backup plan s to just buy a cheap car and look to sell it right away.

Please PM or call


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