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Feb 16, 2005
Spokane, WA
Went ahead and put my spacers and new wheels on the front of my 62 since I don't plan on driving it anywhere before the rear spacers get here (still waiting on those since I just ordered them) and wanted to share a couple pics.

These are 2" spacers, each machined from a single billet, to mount 4.5" backspace Tacoma wheels (7.5" wide). This puts the centerline of each wheel 1" farther out from the factory wheels, giving me a 2" wider stance overall. Any wider than 2" spacers would've kept the front wheels from sitting on the hub and since these are hub centric wheels, I wanted to take advantage of that. The hubs are 160mm, same as the majority of Toyota truck hubs, so I had the spacers machined to match. They're also machined to be lug centric and come with conical nuts in case there's no hub to hold it stable, like on a semi float rear end. If there's no hub to stabilize hub centric wheels, they'll machine a lip on the outer side of the spacer to support the wheel.

I wire brushed all the dirt and surface rust from the hubs, installed the spacers and just snugged the nuts on by hand, then one at a time removed each nut, put a dab of blue threadlocker on the threads and torqued it down to 90 ft-lbs (which is the torque that USWA recommends), going in a star pattern of course.

The wheels are a perfect fit on the hubs:

I'll post a couple pics of the rear spacers once I get those. Only reason I'm still waiting on those is because I ordered them a while after ordering the fronts (was hoping to get an FZJ80 rear end, in which case I wouldn't have needed rear spacers, but that fell through).

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