US PS Rear FJ40 Axle Shaft

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Aug 29, 2002
Port of Indecision...otherwise Northern Arizona
United States
Ordered from SOR, never installed - used right rear fine spline axle shaft for FJ40. Fits 1968 to 8/1973 FJ40s.

SOR P/N: 088-07B-R-U

SOR list $75.00. I'll let it go for $55 plus shipping at $15 within US. Also included are six new lug studs, (SOR list $22.44) FREE!

That's odd-I thought once they went to fine spline the short side axle was the same until the end of the FJ-62's production run in 1990. I have a spare short side or I would make an offer. Actually, I'll offer $20 for the lugs/axle and give it to my friend who can use one but doesn't troll the internet looking for spare parts! I don't mean to low ball you, but I bought both the long and short side for $50, and I'll have to pay to ship this one. Let me know.
PM'd you back. Thanks

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