Urgent Question for Supercharger Owners: TRD SC Bypass Elbow Valve

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I am my rig's nemesis.
Sep 16, 2011

In the process of dismantling my 97 FZJ80. This is the result of two days (yes, TWO) spent trying to get the damn crank pulley bolt off. This latter challenge blew through two 1/2" breaker bars , three 1/2" to 3/4" adapters, one 30 mm socket (flowered it wide open like it was made of putty), and one entire propane torch can- burned all the fuel. Yes, used the cheater bar to no effect. Took x4 hours of a propane torch (should have used acetylene), hammering away with a 700 ft lb torque impact wrench, and X11 bump start attempts.

I'm damn lucky my starter isn't shot...

Anyway, all of this hell to put what might be the last TRD SC into my rig. Beno and photobucket and so many of you have bent over backward to help me piece the SC together, BUT.... after dismantling this rig over the last couple of days I ran into what I hope is the FINAL "gotcha": I'm missing the bypass elbow valve that is bolted to the back of the plenum chamber.

Now, Beno's got something we hope is compatible on order, but because this rig is my daily driver (and my wife is not pleased with me.........), I'm attempting to get specs in case I need to hunt around for a fabrication option locally. So, here are the questions:

1. Do any of you TRD SC owners remember if the bypass valve elbow is simply a 90 deg pipe? Or is there a "valve" inside of it?

2. Does anyone have access to high res photos, schematics, or (especially) measurements?

Again thanks in advance. For those of you who have helped me along the way, know that I'm still fighting for the win thanks to everyone's help.
There is no valve inside the elbow, it's just a casting that bolts to the plenum. There is a separate bypass valve that bolts to the throttle body adapter.

I assume you've checked out my writeup from years ago: http://www.george4wd.taskled.com/scharger.html

lots of pictures and also a link to the TRD manual.

Here are some pictures of the elbow. Let me know if you need anything else.


Supercharger bypass elbow 1 - Copy.jpg

supercharger bypass elbow 4 - Copy.jpg
George, Bill, thanks so much.
Iceaxe ended up having me make an elbow. It is just a simple looking piece but I had over 20 hours design and construction time in it. Here are some pictures of the fabrication.


Make a flange and make sure it fits the stock plenum.

Make a flange and test fit.jpg

Make a jig to keep alignment of flange to outlet

Make a jig for alignment.jpg

Construct outlet

Progress old with new.jpg

Put the two pieces together

Replacement new and old.jpg

View on inside to show "yes" there is an opening there lol.

Wow, how did you make that? Sure isn't welded tubing? Looks like it was cast? It is a better looking part than the TRD part. A group on this forum could definitely put together a new SC.

It's made from separate pieces. As far as a new SC, here is almost nothing that can not be made given enough time, motivation, and money.

Bill is TRULY AMAZING. The belt tensioner he made for me is another piece of incredible work. He's the master!

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