Urgent help needed in Moab: any recommendations?

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Feb 24, 2014
Hi everyone: I just had a really, really bad day and hydrolocked my motor in Moab. I am positive that I bent a rod by the sound of the motor. Can anyone recommend a recovery service and a mechanic who can rebuild the bottom end of an LS motor?
I was going to suggest asking the Navtec folks but all their stuff still has factory engines. I don't think there is a Chevy dealer in Moab at this time. Maybe ask the folks at Grand Tire for a recommendation? It may be that no one in that area would be interested in opening up an engine-transplanted vehicle.
Rent a uhaul and a trailer and drag it home.

Whats the back story- the where and how?
Call Rory at Moab Motorsports (I want to watch on Youtube next week) :p
I 2nd @Jason hansen Also consider @DRANGED They both live in Moab & might have a source for you. I would PM them both.
Oh crap!! Huge bummer!
Which trail, does it roll?

Rory @ Moab motorsports first, tic tac toe second (also a recovery tow shop).
Chevy closed down and was Combined with Ford which recently relocated and changed ownership. Parriott's garage may be a good shop for you but Jason has built his shop to trend towards mods, and tuning (family history racing and rally) not routine work so he may be a good shop for custom stuff.

Good mechanics are SLIM pickin' here!!!
Rent a uhaul and a trailer and drag it home.

Whats the back story- the wh
Rory and his crew are towing it back to town. I was coming back from Chicken Corners and crossing Kane Creek for the second time. Strange thing was that I was totally fine crossing the other way earlier in the day. It was pretty dark and I’m not sure if there was more water in the creek or I took a slightly different line. Tough break for me as I had just had the motor swapped. Really heartbreaking.

I just realized that I posted this on the 80 forum (instead of the 60 forum) by mistake last night when I got back to cell service and was operating on fumes. Apologies for any confusion but my truck is a 60.
Glad you got taken care of, that is a super bum deal!

There's a ton of water Flowing everywhere right now so I bet that crossing is swollen right Now.
We crossed Kane creek on Wednesday on the way back from Lockhart and it was about 2 1/2 ft deep. I’m sure that it rises and falls depending on the heat and sun exposure in the lasals.

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