Upper Peninsula Overland 2009, August 21-23

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I just realized that the ExPo thread is only viewable if you are a member. Here is the post from over there...

August 21-23rd, second annual UP Overland Adventure.


Photo by TJDIV

Well, last year's trip seemed an overwhelming success so we thought we'd give it a shot again this year! The format is similar but the route is entirely new and we are adding another day to it. I will continue to update this post with new information regarding the trip as more details come together but here is what we've got to share so far.

The dates will be August 21, 22, 23 (Friday-Sunday) leaving from Marquette, MI and ending in Sault Ste. Marie Michigan. The route will be a mix of dirt roads, two tracks, and short sections of pavement. The intent of the trip is more for the remote scenic opportunities and sight-seeing than technical challenges. While we still will have some challenging spots here and there, a good stock 4wd should be able to make the route with some good tires.

The topography east of Marquette is noticeably different than that to the west. Where last year we saw a lot of rockier terrain and geological formations, going east we will see predominately more sandy terrain and beaches. We are planning the route and stopping points this year with the intent to have more free time to explore and enjoy the afternoons and evenings as well. It should be a good mix of adventure with options of relaxing around the campsites or doing some additional exploring in the evenings in the surrounding areas.
We will be camping two nights on this trip. The first night we will use a designated State Forest campground near some attractions of the Pictured Rocks National Lake Shore. This campground will have some rustic amenities such as pit toilettes and water via hand pump. These camp sites are located on some small inland lakes that make for some good fishing or paddling if people want to bring a canoe or kayaks. Night two will be wilderness camping along the Lake Superior Shoreline between Grand Marias and Whitefish Point. Obviously there will be no amenities so you will need to have sufficient water and waste containment. After much discussion, Jason and I felt it would be good to have one night rustic camping and one night at state forest campground which might prove to make things a bit easier for those bringing family.

Some of the attractions of this route will be include Hiawatha National Forest, Pictured Rocks National Lake Shore, Crisp Point Lighthouse, Whitefish Point and the Great Lakes Shipwreck museum, along with a bunch of other attractions in between. Also expect to see some wildlife. The UP is home to deer, moose, coyote, wolf, mountain lion, bald eagles, blue heron, sand hill crane, and a variety of other critters that are exciting to spot. The softer, sandy terrain is ideal for spotting tracks along the route. Also there will be some great paddling opportunities both inland and on Lake Superior for those who want to explore via boat.

We will adhere to Tread Lightly! principles for this trek so if you are not familiar with them, please visit Tread Lightly - Home and familiarize yourself with their code of conduct. For me, the main mission of the UP Overland trips is to showcase and share some of the unknown and rarely seen treasures of this region and enjoy it in a responsible manner. As was the cast last year, the trip is free but we'd encourage a contribution to a UP charity of some sort that sees to protecting and preserving the natural resources of the UP.
I will order T shirts for this trip if there is interest. Figure between $12-$15 each depending on how many people are interested. I'll post up more info about ordering shirts and have a design image to view by June.

What to bring:

Camping Gear:
-Tent or other means for sleeping quarters
-All cooking supplies and equipment to be self sufficient
-Waste disposal/storage: garbage bags for your refuge and any trash found along the route, equipment for hauling human waste (ie. Portable toilette or waste bag methods)
-Water or water filtration system. There will be plenty of opportunities to aquire drinking water but a good storage container is recommended. There are numerous water sources including Lake Superior that can be used for filtering water as well.
-Extra clothing, the weather can be unpredictable so be prepared for hot, cold (think 40's at night possibly), and wet weather.
-Binoculars, with all of the wildlife and panoramic views on this route this will be an often used item.
-Bug spray, although August is typically drier with less bugs then earlier in the summer, there still is a chance that mosquitoes, sand flies, black flies, horse flies, and ticks could be bad. Tiki torches are nice for around the campsite too to ward off the uninvited guests. Hopefully these items won't be needed.
-Eco friendly soaps or shampoos if you are planning on bathing in the big lake or the numerous rivers and smaller lakes along the way.
-Machete or hatchet, these come in handy for gathering firewood or coming across the inevitable downed tree or limbs across the route.

Vehicle Items Needed:
-Tow strap and recovery points (D shackles are great) front and rear for vehicle extrications.
-Jumper cables or jump box.
-Spill kit.
-Hand tools for repairs.
-Good tires, route will see mud, pavement, rock, and sand make sure your tires are up for the challenge.
-Tune up, not really an item but a good idea. Especially check for fluid leaks as we will be crossing wetlands and rivers.
Not necessary but recommended vehicle items:
-Hi Lift
-Tarp or awning for protection from the elements

We will be limiting this trip to 25 vehicles this year as we think it is the maximum working number for keeping things rolling smoothly. Priority will be given to last year's attendees. For those who attended, PM me the following information and details prior to May 20th to reserve your spot. On May 21st the remaing openings will be available. I will begin to take people's names starting at 9am EST via PM's on ExPo Portal. The order in which I receive the registration information will be the order in which the spots will be filled. If you do take a spot but will not be able to attend, let me know at the earliest convenience in order to allow someone else in, in the event of a waiting list. I'd love to accommodate everyone but we also don't want to compromise the quality of the event by bogging it down.

Name (kept confidential unless you give permission to use for the attendee list post):
Screen name:
Number of people in you party/vehicle:
Vehicle Make/Model:
Major vehicle mods:
Camping arrangements (for example: tent, in car, rooftop tent, etc):
Arrival date in Marquette (starting point for trip):
Departure date from Marquette (ending point of trip):
Phone number (kept confidential):
Email (kept condidential):
Emergency Contact info (kept confidential):
Tshirt sizes:
Any additional notes or comments:

Can't wait to see some of the old faces and some new ones as well!
I should make this....would be nice to do a run so close to home :)
Dawgonit!! I'll be on Drummond Island that weekend pulling J**ps out of trouble.
Drummond Off-road Adventure. bummer.
If you wheel on Sunday I may be able to catch you guys. But I assume sunday will be drive home day.
Sunday will be finishing up the route and heading home day. I don't know the exact route for the end yet, still have to scout it but we should be in the area between Grand Marais and Whitefish point camped Saturday night, then rolling acrros to Whitefish point before dropping south then east to the Sault. I'd expect we'd arrive at the Sault sometime in the afternoon. If you wanted to meet up along the way Sunday it would be sweet. I''l have a better handle on the logistics in the next month or so.
Im trying to make this happen. Pending approval from both bosses....
This would be a little far to drive my 40. Do you think my stock Lexus GX would have a problem?
p.s. I could also deliver my 80 I have listed in the For Sale section and fly home!
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The UP is beautiful country. My father was born and raised there and I have made many trips there. Your snowmobile trails are wonderful. Regrets I can't make it this year, but some day, I'd love to particpate in the Overland Adventure. All the best to you.
Come on up Brian!

Facebook Group

Photo Album from last year

Anyone wants to come up ahead of time I might head out to Dana Lake for a day or two of fishing. Lots of room for camping. ;)

Group Pano from last year at the tip of the Keewenaw Penninsula.
Courtesy of Mike and Teddy:
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I would love to go, and I know of a couple more that would be very interested. Is there any way to enlarge the group size or create a second group?
unfortunately, I'm probably out....looks like I gota be in CA around that time....

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