Upgrading front brakes on my fj60

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Dec 22, 2018
Austin, TX
I haven't found too much info on Google about using fj 80 front brakes, calipers, rotors, booster, mc etc. Does anyone know if this is possible? Or is there a better solution? TIA
I used 1993 4runner brake calipers and master cylinder, they work great! Not sure about 80 series.
Thanks. Did you stay with fj60 rotors and booster?
Yes stayed with both, though i did replace the rotors with new 60 rotors since i was doing the birf's and they were off the vehicle. I mainly did this because the pad and replacement part options are much better.
60 FAQ has 4 Runner caliper mod using 60 rotors. Upgrading to terrain Rainer or DBA rotors would be an additional upgrade. For the above some upgrade to a 80 MC.

Read up on the Tundra mod. More mass/larger rotors and tundra brakes.

@cruisermatt just worked out how to use 80 series front calipers on a 60 knuckle. Fun starts at #1511
Thank you very much. Cruiser Matt has some calipers for sale and am trying to put it all together to see what works with what.
Well, I don't know about prefered, but I like mine a lot -- Only thing I would do different is use a 4Runner size Master Cylinder instead of the 1" T100 for a more 'stock' pedal feel, although the current setup pedal is very firm and stops well.

Truth is, if you're not running big tires wheels or other big mods, the stock setup works just fine provided your rear drums are functioning and adjusted properly.

I believe @cruiseroutfit even now sells NEW OEM loaded calipers for about the same as Toyota remans! Which of course would be all bolt-in and bleed and off you go! Part # BRC60021LOAD YWST: Brand New Japanese OE Loaded Brake Calipers for 4x/5x/6x/7x Models

My personal preference is for stock-style rotors, I don't like the slotted / drilled ones as they can not be turned for reuse and these trucks aren't racy cars.
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Make sure to get the late model 2nd gen 4runner calipers, not the early 91 calipers as they don't fit.
Good point. My upgrade was purely for better pad/part selection and while doing the birfs, my brakes were off. Made sense for my needs. Honestly, I notice very little if any difference.
There's something to be said for using the later style rotors that fit over the wheel studs rather than behind the hubs, if only for making rotor changes easier. I've been poking thru old Mud threads recently and one setup that seems to work is:

OE 60 rotor
OE 60 caliper
OE 60 MC
62 or 91-95 4R booster (need to determine if single vs dual diaphragm, 9 vs 9 1/2" shell, spacer vs no spacer)

This doesn't get you the later calipers and easier rotor change but gives you more brake power with a normal pedal feel. If you're already doing the birfs or have the hubs off for some other reason, it's a good time to switch to the 4R rotor and caliper for future headache reduction.

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