Upgraded Power Steering Pump

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May 4, 2021
AF, Utah
I had a local shop install a Trail Gear 2”x8” HD hydro ram assist and now I need to upgrade my power steering pump. It’s pretty tough to turn the steering wheel/front tires at low RPMs.

The closest thing I could find was when Slee did a SAS on a 100 series LC and they used an 80 series steering box with a PSC high pressure/volume pump. I called Slee and the guy who did the work no longer works there so they couldn’t give me any concrete details. So I then called PSC and they didn’t have much for me to go on either.

So I am turning to the Mud for help. I need a way to turn my system into a high pressure system.
Never seen one - 100 has a different engine than an 80 and therefore a different pump. 80 pump is gear driven so not as simple to swap in a different unit.
I hate to do this to you but...
Didn't that Russian guy with the airbagged 80 recently post about modifying the power steering pump? I can't even find his original build thread at the moment.
In the pump there is a restrictor -- right below the hose connection that i drilled out --

see this...

Hydro Assist:box and pump mods - https://board.marlincrawler.com/index.php?topic=10579.0 post 26


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