upgraded HID relay set ups available. LX or LC specific input connectors, No cutting needed. (1 Viewer)


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Jul 30, 2016
pensacola fl.
It's a pretty well known fact the wiring, the connectors, and the relay in the standard heavy duty relay set up are horrible. If you don't have problems you're lucky. I've had two different sets fail, either relay or wiring in over 3.5 years. Beefed up wiring helped in the last one from 2018 but then the last straw was a few weeks ago with another flickering and failing/slow to ignite.

So I made my own set up but followed the same make up regarding grounds, or lack there of and length/ gauge of wires etc.

Dual relay set ups are overkill I believe unless there is another reason, and there are a few valid reasons.

The standard single relay with split ballast inputs and single ground ring terminal works fine by itself. That's not to say it's perfect, but it's the easiest hook up and the easiest to access and mount. (exactly like the mass market ones) This makes the round trip on the far ballast around 13 feet long.

Any configuration is available. Singles for each ballast separating everything, merged #30 and #87 with individual grounds for each ballast, separate ground lug for the far mounted ballast, etc.

The value here is never messing with them ever again and when something is wrong it's normally going to be the ignitor cord, bulb or ballast. The connectors are the best you can buy (male especially). On the females, the ballast input 9006 for LC, they are extremely good, rated, and OEM on other makes besides toyota. The way they fit into ballasts and the stock connectors is perfect.
The LX specific oem input in the relay is the OEM stock sumitomo connector. SO no cutting needed.
All connectors and terminals are rated to 30 amps.
headlight connector thread.

I found one company that makes a similar harness with dual relays, (same hellas) for $159.
I'm offering the standard single for $80 shipped. Made to mount on the passenger fender by the daytime running light relay. M6 bolt.
Double set up, same wire configuration 120$ shipped. Any specified mount position is the same price, no charge for changes or made to order.
Extra standby relays to swap in 15$ when ordered with a harness, but you probably don't need it. I cannot offer the relays alone for the same price with free shipping.

Also I have 3 way splitters with the high beam connectors made up. 25$ shipped. 18 or 14 gauge. 18" long. These are the same for either LC or LX. While they are the most expensive ones out there. They are by far the best you can buy.

I'm not trying to convince anyone they need a better harness. But this will solve problems. The relay is good, replaceable, and available anywhere.
As always I will take returns and refund or fix/alter/change whatever is needed or broken.
Just PM me with what you want. I make as directed and don't keep them standing by.

LX relay input connector

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