Upgraded headliight harness

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Mar 27, 2003
Chapel Hill, NC
Just wanted to comment on a great, inexpensive upgrade. I recently installed the Upgraded Headlight Harness from Slee. Best 40 bucks I've spent on the truck so far. The increase in light output is really astonishing.

&nbsp:Did you retain the original bulbs or also change those?

If you changed them, what did you select?

I kept the original bulbs, which made the increase in light all the more surprising.

You just cost me 40 bucks..................thanks :eek:
Christo... I expect my usual 15%. ;) :G
I wholeheartedly agree with the value of this upgrade......HIGHLY recommended.
ok i have a question about this upgrade as i too am wanting to get the harness and have better lighting!!
what is an h4 bulb?is it different than the stock bulbs in our cruisers?
the reason i ask is the local advance has a universal light upgrade harness and the instructions indicated it used h4 bulbs and i was under the impression that our trucks bulbs were 9005/9006......not sure have not really checked into this,its a more for info question as i will most likely get the harness from christo and co. but i was curious if this was similar to what they were offering(and the construction of the harness looked remarkably like the one on slee's website)

I upgraded my harness tonight in about an hour - took my time and everything was smooooth. I didn't notice a "dramatic" improvement in my lighting and would like to upgrade my bulbs (low beam) now.

Any suggestions/experience with "brighter" bulbs than stock?

I put in 80w low beams w/ the upgraded harness and they are noticably brighter. I think I bought them from rallylights.com and they were philips. 10 bucks each or so
With the harness upgrade and the stock bulbs I noticed a significant increase in lighting. In both low and high beam. Easy as pie to install. Just call slee. I put the thing on in Moab after driving there from Fernie B.C.. My buddy who also drove with me was surprized that just a harness change could make that much difference, so I guess it was'nt my imagination.
Does the harness have a plug in for aux driving or fog lights, or is it just for the stock lights?

Cheers, Hugh
The one Christo sells plugs into the stock harness, uses the stock bulbs, and does not provide for additional fog or driving lights. It has heavier wire and implements a relay so high wattage bulbs will work much better.
YO B - I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure that Christo's has plugs for driving/fogs.

This is definitely a great bang for the quid. This and George S's LED's are among the best upgrades I've made.

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