Upgrade original in cabin gas tank?

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Volcan 4x4, LLC
Aug 6, 2013
Tampa, FL
Purchasing original 1976 FJ with in cabin gas tank. Is it worth it to upgrade to the under cabin modern tank yet keep the original look?

I have read the pros and cons for safety here in the forum but would appreciate any comments.

I have also seen some aftermarket options such as the poly tanks. Thanks.

I'm curious. If it's an 'original' '76 FJ40 where dash pads and heater? Non-USA? Custom?
must be a South American 40, also reason why it has a 3 speed and had front drums

keep the tank where it is, if you wanted to change it to a latter OEM style.......you will need a different tub or some mods.
You guys really are experts. Yes this is a Colombian model. I plan to purchase and ship to my brother in FL for some personal use and then possibly as a business. I believe the consensus is to keep it as all original as it is one family owned vehicle for almost 40 yrs now. It also does not have the rear sport bar and short side benches but the longer side benches. If you look under "3spd or 4spd" on another thread i have a few more pics.

These also came without USA style emissions in 1976. I have seen some the "american spec" ones in Colombia which were seen as upgraded models that came with our standard items like sport/ roll bar and dash pads.

I will post more pics once I get upgraded from my lowly newbie status! thanks
If it is not leaking now do not worry about it. I say that is the safest place for a gas tank, not likely to get damaged offroading, and if it does leak you will know about it right away from the odor.
agreed, I left my in-cabin tank alone, too

like the yellow - mellow :cheers:

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