Upgrade My Lift ?

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Feb 13, 2018
Coeur d'Alene ID
Hi all! Been a while, as a year ago I got a '22 Tacoma 4x4 that's been my other hobby :)

*** please note - not mechanically inclined or super knowledgeable. I know what I like and rely on people to help me :) ***

I have an '06 with 33" KO2s and 2.5" OME lift (medium springs?). Did that lift first, about 4 years ago (Yotamasters in Corona, CA). Since then I put on the ARB front bumper and Gamiviti roof rack. The weight is lowering my clearance, especially in the front. Additionally, I probably do want to go bigger on lift, maybe even tires though mine are new so not too soon.

What's the best option for fixing both the forward lean look I have going on, and increasing the overall lift of the rig? I'm pretty sure there isn't a 3" OME replacement for the 100 series.


Thanks! Hoping the HIHX rumors are true, and if so, I'll see you there!
Apr 30, 2020
Aurora, CO
jack up the front tires and tighten the adjuster bolt for the torsion bars. this will lift your front end up, but you will want an alignment afterwards. to lift the rear, you can either get longer/higher spring rate rear springs or add a spring spacer.
Apr 27, 2003
Salt Lake City
There's no taller off the shelf lift for the 100 that's more than ~2.5". To get any more height you'd have to look at body lifts. 100's by design are meant to have a bit of a rake for when you're carrying a load as well as steering/droop up front.

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