Upgrade Diesel Engine within Land Cruiser Series only

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Aug 26, 2012
Baguio City
Hello... I have a 1971 FJ40 which was upgraded by previous owner to a 4speed tranny with vacuum type transfer case (which has missing components so doesn't work) and a 2B engine all from a 1981 rig.

I wanted to get more power and torque on the little ole thing and convert to 5 speed (as I use it on highways 80% of the time) for those 4-8hr long road trips.

Can you recommend an engine (diesel) and transmission that would fit the engine bay of my 71' FJ40 without too much to adjust? I have a great mechanic and metal guy here who can do the work for a good price by the way.


by the way Money is no object. However I do want to keep my diesel engine within the Land Cruiser series engines only. Thanks again.
If money is no object then one of these?

Looks awesome but difficult to find parts for the 12HT here in the Philippines. Any thoughts on the 1HD-T? Will it work with the 40 series specs?
I test-drove a HJ47 with a 1HZ and Denco turbo, and a R151 5 speed gearbox and loved it.
You would probably get more info and opinions in the diesel section. Crusher did a write up of a 1HZ and 5 speed into a 40 in the diesel section a couple of years ago, and it looked like a tight fit. Certainly doable, but tight. A 1HD-T would be essentially the same dimension. Good luck!
If you decide to remove the 2B, will you part it out or sell it complete? I may be interested.
The 1 HZ (adding the Turbo or not) or 1HDT would make for a nice driving Cruiser. I'm contemplating the same with my 40 and 56 at some point down the road. I look forward to seeing your end result!
Considered both the 1HD-FT (24 valve) or the 12HT and after a lot of research and talking to a few people, the 12HT seemed the better choice.
1. Direct bolt in for a 2H (uses same engine mounts as 2H)
2. no timing belt - I hate changing them...
3. more fuel efficient then a 1HD - talked to a few people that currently have 1HD's and they got better economy back when they had 12HT's
4. cast iron head as opposed to alloy head - better thermal efficiency and strength at the cost of a few extra kg's
5. simpler and more robust designed engine
6. Cheaper to buy and easier to rebuild yourself
7. More reliable injection pump
8. Simpler injectors - any diesel mech can rebuild them

The only down side I could find was it was a little harder to get parts for then a 1HD, but you can still get them if you know where to look. There is the issue with the top piston ring, but seeing as i was looking at rebuilding a motor before i put it in I wasn't too fussed.

It wouldn't be too expensive to get a 12HT shipped from Aus to the Philippines, I wouldn't be too surprised if it worked out cheaper then buying a 1HD
13BT ! out of a toyota costa mini bus. Should be able to find one very cheap, and you can take the engine and the 5 speed.

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