Trade Updated 1988 FJ62 for your 80 series [Asheville, NC]

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Feeler: Willing to trade my 62 series with upgrades for your 80 series. See quote from my original posting below.

1988 LandCruiser, FJ62 / Dune Beige / 250,800 miles / Located in Western North Carolina (Asheville)
$8,500 with M-416 trailer
$8,000 without trailer
(trailer $750 separately)

Pictures: FJ62

With much regret, it is time to part ways with “Bruce” my beloved beast. This has been a daily driver/off-road friend for me for the past several years. This truck is in excellent operating condition. Listed below are the good, the bad, and the ugly associated to this rig:

Minimal body rust. Rust is present at outer wheel well on the rear driver and passenger sides. Not thru rust, just surface. Frame is rust free.

This truck has a four inch lift and front locking 4wd hubs. 4wd system is in perfect working condition.

Reese hitch with 2” receiver on rear.

BFG 35’s with 92% tread left.


Front leather electric seats with full function of all mechanics. (seats are heated but have not hooked heating element to power) Seats removed from a 2004 Acura MDX and installed in cruiser.

SOR covered rear bench seat. Seat cover professionally installed.

SOR carpet pad throughout

Shoulder strap rear passenger seat belts. Installed due to this model not equipped from factory...with the kids and all.

HD satellite radio and upgraded front speakers.

Engine repairs made:

Front and rear main seals replaced three years ago. Transmission front seal replaced as well.

New distributor and cap replaced last year (2014).

Brake booster, brake master cylinder, driver side caliper, and disc brakes replaced this year (2015).

One year old battery.

Receipts for all repairs (recent and past repairs)

Oil changes every 3500 miles with synthetic oil (since in my possession).

Bad and Ugly:

Leaks oil…not sure where from. (about ½ quart every oil change)

Cracked front windshield, low out of line of vision. (driver side across to center of windshield)

Crack in dash pad, center.

Driver door does not seal in spot. This is due to wind catching the door and swinging it open pretty hard. Even though door does not close tightly, it does not leak.

Trailer, M416 military issue:

¼ ton trailer, circa 1945ish. It does not have a title or tag. I have owned this trailer for approximately three years. Original tires with some dry rot but no leaks or issues. I have hauled this trailer all over Western North Carolina and on all off-road trips.

Needs sand blasting and painted. Paint is chipping and rust all over. Rust is just surface rust and manageable with proper care.

Bed of trailer have some small holes near front end of trailer. Integrity of bed is still there.

This trailer has a tailgate that functions normally.

Emergency brake does not work and pintle compression brakes do not function. Pintle hook ring is attached but a standard ball receiver has been welded onto pintle. This was done by previous owner. This receiver could be cut off if not happy with that.

Leaf springs have seen better days but have not shown any problems.

Both truck and trailer have been great for me and do not see why you wouldn’t like them too. That’s about all I can think of right now. If you have any questions, message me or leave a post on this thread.

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