UPDATE ! what to do regarding a barn door stopper ? drill hole?

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Nov 21, 2015
Needham ma
hello, about to mount my barn doors on my late tub. the pin that goes through the sill needs something to sit/fall into. I started to drill a small hole in my tub but not all the way through, that the pin would sit snuggly in and not rattle. but feel the best solution would be locate an oem stopper, the one with the two screw holes on either side with a sleeved hole in the middle for the pin to go through. Any leads on one ? or other ideas or solutions for this ?
Not original but how about a shouldered bronze bushing.

I haven't seen how long the pin sticks into the floor but what about using silicone sealer on the inside and maybe a washer with carter pin underneath?
That looks like a great solution. The factory hole piece is slightly recessed into the floor. Just putting one on the later tub sill may not clear the pin when lifted.

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