-- Update -- URE work day moved to Sunday

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Jul 7, 2008
Just below the apex
Hi Everyone – I want to thank all of you and Rodney that worked on June 18th & got a lot of straw spread on Daniel Trail. We had the review on June 28th with the State Historic Preservation Office archaeologist and he said that what we had done so far was looking good. He did request that we do straw mulching on the top of Daniel Trail where we had blocked off the dispersed camping on the ridge (1F on the attached map). We have all of the guardrail installed on Daniel Trail that we need to do and finishing the mulching at 1F on Daniel Trail will complete that trail.

For Dickey Bell Trail we need to complete the straw mulching at the following sites that we haven’t quite finished yet. These sites are 2B and 2C. The barricades are all put up on these sites (thanks for getting that one piece up to block the broken split rail fence). We’ll get this done on July 17th!

The next work day is SUNDAY, July 17th at 9 am. We’ll meet at the Uwharrie Hunt Camp and divide up from there. If you have trailers or pickup trucks that can go onto the trails and haul straw bales up Daniel Trail & Dickey Bell Trail please bring them and remember to bring straps to tie down the bales.

I’ve attached the June 2016 work day list and I did add site 1F on Daniel Trail for mulching. I’ve attached the map from the March 2016 work weekend which has these sites on them. If would could get a good group of 20 or so folks here on Saturday July 16th then we should be able to finish everything we need to complete on these trails to meet our deadline with the State Historic Preservation Office. Please let me or Robin Touw know if you’ll be able to make it that day & if you’ll have trailers, etc. We’ll need access to the FOU barn to get bales from there. We’ll have some bales of straw out at the Dutch John TH that will be provided by the Forest too.

Thanks a lot everyone. I appreciate it. Bye - Terry

Date was updated to reflect work on Sunday the 17th.


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Hi Everyone – There has been a change in plans for this weekend. The work day has been moved to Sunday, July 17th at 9 am at the Uwharrie Hunt Camp. Jeepers United & Triad Jeep Club will be leading this work day instead. The date changed to accommodate many of the off road community that want to participate in the ride across NC to show support for the Law Enforcement Officers. A large event was quickly organized for July 16th and many of the OHV volunteers have said that they wanted to show their support for the Law Enforcement Community in NC by doing the ride to Raleigh. Jeepers United (Marc Holbert) & Triad Jeep Club (Bo Rosa) said that they would then take care of the rest of the mulching that needs to be done on Daniel Trail & Dickey Bell Trail. I’ve attached an updated map with the sites 1F & 2B highlighted and the sites that are done are X’d out. All of the straw bales (56) will be at the barn at UORTC. Only need to do 1F and 2B this weekend. The archaeologists need to do some more surface collection & survey work on site 2C before we mulch that site more. We’ll probably mulch more there in August or September.

If you’re still able to volunteer for the mulching work and can do it on Sunday, July 17th instead then please meet up at the Uwharrie Hunt Camp at 9 am.

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