Update on the 74 fj

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Sep 5, 2005
Finally almost done/started.It never ends.The Skyjacker 4" SU Lift is done. C.O.R.E. shipped the order on my shackles a little wrong.Got an un-needed set of Heep (Narrow) shackles and a set (2) of really nice 2" longer than stock that would work great...if I wanted to drill my rig to fit the bolts for them.Re-order! The ride is already sooo much better and the stance is sweet. Bought some new BFG 33x12.50 TA KO's.Today I finished up the Wilwood Discs on the front and took it out for a stress test.Grabbed 4 Low and faced a pretty good incline.Growled up with no problems and reached the top.Pushed in the clutch and let it roll back...Hit the brake and funny thing is,it stopped!Go figure.So unlike the old Drums!!!!The next thing that stopped was my engine.IH8CARBS.Check that,I H8MYWEBER.I'm gonna install the new intake manifold and Toyota Glass eye carb that came on my parts rig.Injection is really what I need with a 350 under it but I'll save that for the parts rig when I'm done stripping it down.Man,life is good.Want to do the Gilmore Run but I dont see it happening.New shackles are coming in from Florida and should be in on Wednesday.I'm starting a new Kitchen in Shawnee tomorrow so once again this work crap is really cutting in to my Purpose in Life.The next step is Power Steering.My 74 fj has a empty Pulley and after talking with Jody Potter,I think I may have a plan....if I can find the correct pump.Anybody selling what I need? Like 94 mini-truck? I'm no expert so if someone has a better solution,let me know.I'm just glad to finally be able to stop.Brakes are a good thing!Update is over.Thanks Phil for the wrench time and the shop space.
I need to check back more often - glad to hear you're making progress. Though with 33's and 4", I'm afraid of what you'll be able to do :).

How about some pics of the progress?

I'll see what I can do.The things all done except for the new shackles.I have them,just haven't put em on yet.Took the soft top back off,today.Topless on the 28th of Jan,lifes good!Glad to hear from you again,it's been awhile.I'll snap some flics and send em to you.I'll see ya soon Heath.We're planning another trip to Disney soon.

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