upcoming deployment puts me in a bind

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Oct 27, 2007
you guys have seen me around on this forum before. i'm stationed at ft. gordon in augusta, ga. i own an 81 hj47 troopie and a 67 fj40. i alternate between the two as my daily driver. i have an upcoming deployment at the end of this summer (again). my wife is currently 8 months pregnant, so my son will be 2 months old when i leave. she will move back to alabama so she can have help from her mother to assist with a 2 year old and a 2 month old...
with that said, i am trying to figure out what i am going to do with my trucks. my troopie is starting to bubble up in areas and more problematic areas are only going to get worse. if i don't hit these areas, i fear they will become cancerous. my 67 is solid,except for the rear lip. so no great concern there. i honestly do not have the time anymore to do any extensive work to remedy these problems (prepping for deployment and assisting my wife (8 months pregnant) chasing around my 2 year old son.
So.... courses of action i'm considering; possibly selling them. storing them (meaning rusting would continue). seeing if a local club would be kind enough to 'watch over' them while i'm gone. meaning i'd be fine with the club taking the trucks out for events, ect. of course nothing too hardcore. ;) and if there are skilled members willing to help out with maintenance or bodywork, i could pay them.
in closing, not looking for pity or something for nothing. i've been in the army 10+ years so nothing new here. i just have to make a decision soon. thanks!
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IMO, I would find a way to store the cruisers and only sell in as a last resort

Does the base have one of those vehicle storage warehouses that start the vehicles and and keep them up to snuff and indoors? I know Camp Lejeune "had" one contracted out and run by civilians and if you were single and going on deployment, TMO would pay the storage fees at those particular facilities. Maybe your base might have one too and that is a possibility you might want to consider? Talk to the TMO reps and see what they have available for you. Probably not much as you are married and don't rate the free storage but it might be reasonable monthly fees eitherway.

For me, I keep a couple my cruisers with my brother down in Callahan. He keeps them up to snuff and has plenty of land area to park them and it is free. My FZJ is in Cali at my good friends house in Port Hueneme and for the hassle I pay them for storage and maintainance.

I wish the best of luck to you and your family.

paint it tan and take it with you!!!! but whatever you do keep em' and thanks for 10 years of service!!!keep your head down and wits up and make it back to your family and cruisers!
Hope you can find a place to store them.
My wife is on her third deployment.
During her second deployment, I put one car in storage (we paid) and hauled the other from Ft Bliss, El Paso TX to central PA. I know your dilemma.
Does your MWR have a storage facility? Can your FRG help? Does your unit allow storage at the motor pool? Check a RV storage place ,maybe you can get them to let you put two in in for the price of one.
Lather the rust up with grease while your gone, it will stain your paint but slow the rust.
Block them up off the tires, letting the springs hang is even better.
Spray WD40 in the cylinders before leave and before you start it when you get back.
Make your last tank of gas hi-test run it down to almost empty Sta-bul the gas.
Disconnect the battery.
These simple things go along way during long term storage.
I'm sure there are other people that have other ideas to help on safe storage.
Come home safe to enjoy your family and your Toys!
Storage will cost you money, calculate this into what they would sell for and replacement value at a later time. When you return will you really have time to deal with the repairs necessary and will you want to mess with it? It would be a real headache for your wife to deal with if, hopefully not, but if something happened to you. If you know someone who has a nice dry place to store them for free or real cheap then that would be great but I would sell them before loaning them to someone whom you don't even know.
Sentiment is important but being involved in a war is a pretty serious endeavor and with a young family it is important to keep priorities straight. Be careful and may God keep you and your family safe and well.
I hate to be the first one to ask

Hey Daniel.

How much do you want for the HJ? I have been kicking around getting another project as my BJ42 is almost fully done. I thought about another 45, but I've always kinda liked the troopy stuff.

I wish you the best of luck while away. I can't imagine the stuff that goes on. . . .
thanks for the responses... i think that i'm going to leave them on post... outside :( i know a couple people that will be able to check on them for me.
Can you buy some of those cheap fold up garage/tent/carcover type things that have a frame?
i also live in the atl. actually cumming ga. but i work in east point. i have a fj40 as an everyday driver. i will offer you storage at my place. they will be out of harms way and i will start and drive them every so often. no charge to you. if this will give you piece of mind. i know how leaving your pride and joys with someone other than a cruiserr head can be. pm me if interested.
Hope you're able to keep them safe.........thanks for your service!
I know what you are dealing with. Went thru it for 20 years. I always kept mine where the better half could use them incase hers went TU. Just a thought for one of them anyway. Wish i was closer but i'm at Bragg NC.

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