up grading radio in FZJ 80

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Mar 16, 2009
im putting in navi system. Need help figuring out which wire goes with what. Does any one have the factory wiring scimatics?
lots of posts already exist with the info you need. I would check the FAQ and search first. It is hard to give an adequate answer to your question right now.

GL and keep us updated :)

PS welcome :flipoff2:
They make several versions of "plug-n-play" harness's. depending on if your replacing all the OEM, just speakers, Just HU, etc.....

Crutchfield has all the harness as most local stereo shops.

As for the wiring diagram, the EWD manual as well as the FSM manual for your truck will be your best friend, invest in one. :)

Lets see some pic's of your new friend! :D

Welcome :flipoff2:

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