Unnoficial Moab run

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Mar 31, 2003
Phoenix Oregon
Hey all,
a while back I heard some idle gossip about some lads being in Moab around this time. For the record will be down on the 15th and returning on the 18th. Jut curious as to wether anyone will be down there. If so will probably run poison spider on fri or sat and get in some rock climbing on potash canyon wall.
so wait is this an invite or a nanananananananana!
Dave :beer:
Sorry man - that just sounds like too much fun to miss out on. :slap: :D Have a blast and take a knife. :D :D
Ok - I'm going to steal this thread.

Junk - you must be feeling better seeing your response above. :D Hope all is ok.
Hey all,
got back last nihght from the muddiest moab trip on record.
rianed like a bastard on wednesday night and then I pull in on thursday afternoon. can you say mud puddles?
put it this way I had my son in the car and going for more Beer and decided to run him up baby lions back. (hey he's 4 and thinks its cool) on the back side where there is normally a nice sandy wash there was about 2' of water. If he was only a little older I would have made him take some photos.
Unfortunately not a whole lot of wheeling this trip as my freind brought his heep wich kept stalling on any steep trerrain. just reminded me I HATE HEEPS!!!.
back in one peice and just finished the hour long process of removing all of the mud from the pig. oh well it was worth it for all the laughter coming from the back seat as we cruised around.
Dave :beer:

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