Universal oil pan drain plug REMOVAL

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Apr 29, 2003
The PO was in a tight spot on his last oil change when the pan stripped out. Obviously don't know the full story but here's what I'm left with.

Dorman Products - 65109

This was his temporary solution. I'm trying to fix the problem for good and need to know I feel anyone has any suggestions on how to remove this uni drain plug. Preferably with out dropping the oil pan. I didn't install it but it looks like the wing anchor inside the pan should rotate but with the drain hole so small I've tried magnets and small screw drivers to get it to line up and come out to no avail.

Thanks in advance.
If the drain hole is stripped out, wouldn't you need to drop the pan in order to tap it anyway? In general, I would drop the pan, remove the toggle bolt, drill out the hole and tap for oversize bolt, clean and replace.
Nevermind, I see you may have bought time serts from the guy in the other thread. So I'm guessing you want to avoid having to drop the pan.
In a perfect world I don't have to drop the pan. But we'll see.
That toggle part wont hurt anything if left in, it's at the bottom away from everything, if you want peace of mind you can use a strong magnet to pull it to the back of the oil pan and leave the magnet attached to the pan to hold it in place.

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