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Sep 8, 2004
San Antonio, TX
Anyone have any good ideas/products for an mp3 player mount? I am looking to mount my Zune on something low profile but rigid so that it is within easy reach around my right knee. I do not want to use a suction cup on my windshield on use a vent mount system. I have thought about screwing something down into the little change pocket to the left of the gear shift.
Ram makes solid stuff. Also check out ProClip.
I was gonna say ram Mount it too. U could get a universal type bolt on for the zine and make a bracket like my ham radio head mount
You could buy a universal cell phone/mp3 holder and a piece of steel from the hardware store. Bend the steel to the shape you need to put the holder where it needs to be, paint it and bolt it in. Should cost around $10 total and be perfectly customized for a 100.
Look up RAM mounts. They've got a ton of different ones. I know of one that would work, it picks up a single seat mounting bolt and has a foot long bendy arm.

This sounds like exactly what I am looking for. Unfortunately, Ram's site is not user friendly IMO, and searching brings up so many results that its useless. :mad:

Edit: Alright, after posting this I went back and refined my search at the RAM website. These are the two parts I am probably going to order: RAM gooseneck support, part # RAP-105-6DDU and the universal holder, part # RAM-HOL-UN3U.
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RAM sucks compared to Panavise, in quality, versatility and product line.
see: http://www.panavise.com/index.html?pageID=1&id1=28&startat=1&--woSECTIONSdatarq=28&--SECTIONSword=ww
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