Unimog 406 axles converted to toyota side (1 Viewer)

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Nov 5, 2003
United States
For sale : unimog 406 axles custom built to be on the toyota ( passenger side drop ) these are portal axles . They have a EXAXT pinion conversion so they can be used with a drive shaft . They have been converted to disc brakes , and you can run 16.5 rims with this set up . They come from the factory with air locking diff's . These a 9:1 gear ratio making them the ultimate crawler axle . $6500.00 takes them cheers Robb
I live in Canada ( Saskatchewan ) . It would not be a problem to ship them to Arizona . cheers Robb
i thought 404s and 406s were 7.62:1?!
i thought 404s and 406s were 7.62:1?!

No , Sorry . The 404 which is a much lighter duty axle that has cable activated lockers , has a axle ratio of 7.56 . The 406 which these are came with 6.52 or 6.06 or 5.30 but these are a little more rare with 9.075. Cheers Robb Rutledge
hey robb.
thanks for the info. are these the axles out of your red 45? one of my all-time favorite rigs! :beer:
hey robb.
thanks for the info. are these the axles out of your red 45? one of my all-time favorite rigs! :beer:

No , Long story . I was planning on putting them under my FJ45 , and taking the two steer axles out from under mine and sending them to twisted customs to have them build me a tube buggy that will look like a
45 on steriods with 47 inch LTB 's and be a lot lower to the ground . And I won't cringe everytime I put a dent in it . The plan stays the same as I have already pulled the steer 406 axles from my 45 . I had wanted to put these axles under my 45 and not have rear steer . But I thought it would be easy to switch to pumkin back to the ford side ( factory ) but it is not as easy as I thought so I bought other axles . But they don't have the cool disc brakes or the pinion conversion . Long story short I am planning on putting my FJ45 back to a more streetable / ultimate trail rig and SELLING IT . YES selling it . cheers Robb Rutledge
Ya Mean This Monsta?

Do you still have these axles? If so, what width are they WMS-WMS?? Is the disc brake conversion using mog discs or something else?

Hey Robb,

I have a 1970 406 that I am going to take the axles off of. How can I tell which axle ratio I might have?



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