Unicorn Radiator: '82 w/ ac+ps

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May 11, 2020
Alexandria, VA
The radiator I recieved does not fit, as I suspected. Anyone aware of a source for the very rare 1982 FJ40 radiator with PS and factory AC?
Re-core & pressure test yours if you can find an industrial HVAC shop that’ll do small jobs. I had a local shop mix the top tank and bottom tank from a 3B with a 2F radiator. The shop I used either moved or went out of business but the guy said it was no problem to order a core to build one to spec using the parts from the original radiator.

Nearly all automotive radiator shops are closed but the HVAC shops that build heat exchangers have the skills to rebuild yours.

It took a bit of calling around before I found two places willing to do the job. The other place was near Charlottesville and too far away for me to mess with.

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