Uneven brake wear on rear pads.

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Aug 27, 2007
Flagstaff Arizona
So the :princess: heard some grinding from the back passenger's side tire and sure enough, no brake pad one side, 4 mm of pad on the other! Looked at the rotor and noticed it's been turned quite a bit and was too thin to be turned again. Driver's side brakes had about 3-4 mm left on both pads and the rotor looked new (~18mm thick).

I figured I had a sticking caliper so I cleaned and lubed the sliders on the caliper. The sliders move very easy now but they seem to push the one pad into the rotor, as if there is trapped air in the slider chamber pushing back. I hope I'm making sense because something doesn't feel right. Should I be looking for a vent hole somewhere or have I had too many :beer: to be discussing this right now?
It's the ring that seals the piston into the caliper that releases the pad off the rotor. If cleaning the sliders didn't fix the problem than the calipers probably need to be rebuilt. I would bleed the brakes first, and if that doesn't work it's rebuild time.
Rebuild the calipers or replace with reman's (both sides). Replace both rotors (not just one side). Slap new pads on (both sides).

You need to have both sides equal, otherwise you can experience bad juju when it comes to braking (pulling, uneven wear, etc).

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