under the hood parts from a 78 fj40

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United States
i have lots of 2f engine stuff. i have a complete 2f motor that supposedly had 30,000 miles on it when it seized up. i took it apart and the crank would need to be ground and one con. rod would need to go to the machine shop. the block does not need to be bored and the head is in good condition. i have the original 2v carb, alternator, starter, and all emissions stuff. email me with what you want and i can send pics.
this is all located in Rexburg, ID.
i do have a couple of GM pumps but i don't have a toyota pump.
looking for a complete air filter assembly with all brackets, 2F motor. I'm about 4 1/2 hours north of you.
need the pully, and will also take the starter if the price is right.
i do have the starter but the pulley is already called for. email me about what you think is a fair price.
I would be very interested in the complete smog /emissions equiptment from your 78'.
Do you have the fitting that attaches to the outupt side of the fuel pump. It should be attached to a rubber hose that is connected to a hard line that goes to the carb.

If you have it, I would appreciate it if you could drop it in the mail. :D

if it has the electric distributor (which I think began in 78) I may be interested. Email me with what you want for it.
I need a pre-1992 oil cooler for my 1985 Fj60, let me know if you have one and how much you want for it, my email is erichagen@comcast.net
i know that i have the electronic distributor and i am pretty sure i have the fitting for the fuel pump. i know i don't have an oil cooler. email me at ajfriz@hotmail.com for any other info you will need.

You mentioned you had several saginaw pumps, do you have the bracket for the 2f also.

Please let me know @ jkim589108@aol.com

Yo Han
Do you have an exhaust manifold? Pictures? Condition?


my friend will probably need a carb spacer and matching gaskets, as well as the linkage... do you have them ?

thanks !

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