Unable to Remote Lock When Lights Are On (1 Viewer)

Jan 3, 2017
Austin, Texas
I have a 2006 LC. My problem is that if the headlights are on (on auto or regular), when I exit the car and double tap the lock button on the key fob, the car typically does not lock.

I say typically because if I hold the key to the drivers window or over my head, I can sometimes get it to lock when the lights are on. And when it does lock, it goes the normal sequence of first click turns the lights off and second click locks it.

If the lights are manually turned off or if I wait the 30 seconds for the lights to turn off automatically, remote locking works fine.

I have a fresh battery in the key fob and in all other situations, it works from 50+ feet easily. Just not when the lights are on....

More annoying than anything else and I can get used to it. But I thought with the wealth of knowledge on here, someone else might have experienced this as well and knows how to fix it.


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