Ummm missing a male part for female end to go into... (starter)

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Mar 9, 2017
Orlando, FL
like the title says, 2000 LC. Pulled starter yesterday (finally). Rebuilt (broke some o-ring & cap gasket shot. RTV to rescue). Go to put back in. Look in engine bay, and there are 2 identical female connectors; only 1 male receiver. God bless it, but my buddy was the one who disconnected these things... and I’m at a loss. Thank yall in advance and my apologies. Im going into hour 20 of a 6 hour job and I’m pretty frustrated with myself.


There's some pics in the FAQ section on replacing starter contacts that might help. This one has a fairly clean look at the valley - hope it helps.
Yall are the sh!z. Idk what a knock sensor is... but those plugged back in. I thought there was a 3rd male already plugged in back there. One set of eyes and being a rook is rough!
Yep, knock sensors.
If you clean the contacts well, you can probably glue the broken off bit of plastic back onto the knock sensor and then reattach it.
If so, I would probably add some glue to reinforce the knock sensor, but make sure its a glue that can withstand very high temps.

I would definitely test the connection to the knock sensor with a multimeter on the other end of the loom cable - wherever that is?
If its similar in resistance to the other knock sensor, you are probably good to go.

I have read that it is advised to replace the wiring loom altogether, as it gets brittle from the heat where it is located.
You may also want to consider replacing the welsh plugs while you are there.

I did neither, by the way.
The knock sensors were ridiculously priced, and the welsh plugs were not in stock, and I couldn't wait.

And clean out all the dirt sitting in there, and the two drain holes to the bell housing.
And of course clean the inlet manifold surfaces, clean inlets out thoroughly and use new gaskets. :)
let's tread carefully here, eh....

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