Ultra-Sonic Pest Repellents

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Aug 26, 2009
down in a hole.
I have a small but growing population of squirrels slowly taking over my attic and garage. My wife doesn't want to shoot them, but I don't want to lay poison all over the place. I was hoping to find some end user reports of how well(or not) the ultrasonic repellents work. Apparently, the interwebs are full of people that are obviously being paid to write good things about these type of products. I can't seem to find any reviews from someone who was just a dude-or dudette-who bought and used one of these products w/o finacial compensation for their review. Any thought from any of yous would carry way more water for me than what I have already been privvy to Thanks!
We had squirrels in our garage. The only guys I saw were smallish ones. I fed them a steady diet of DCON and believe me they were eating boxes a day. Then it stopped.

The trick is to kill Mom and Dad, brothers, sisters, nieces and cousins and anyone else who may be around. You gottra get the whole family.

The ultrasonic stuff works, it worked on our dog (made him brush his ears)) and our kids could hear it but that just keeps them away... for a while.

Good luck !
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Squirrels always come back to where they are born...sadly you have to take them all out...then cover up the access holes with wire.

Poisoning.....either lead or Dcon, can be effective, but you can a have a heart....just take across the river to let them go......or they will be back
Personal experience, it works for a while, then they get accustomed to it and your back to ground zero.
Sub-Sonic or multiple live traps (to relocate?) afterwards.

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