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May 8, 2010
Here it is, all decked out.






yes, there's a good chance this is a joke. decide for yourself.
"You know you're a redneck when..."
when this golf cart will out-wheel your rig for the first year you have it because you've decked it out with trail-gear like this without bothering to do any work on the truck to make it trail-worthy, even though you claim that wheeling and working on your truck are your whole life and all you're interested in or enjoy doing. throw in the mix that you treat people like dirt for no reason at all, and you end-up the butt of a joke when people deck-out their golf cart w/what they have lying around just to make fun of you.
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Theres nothing wrong with being too prepared ....

Because if it was any kinda toyota it would walk on the no clearance s*** brick cart that thing should get jumped into the ocean after i take a few things off it

oh and why the hell do u have a pick axe? what u mining for? Lol
lmao. it was a toyota alright, first gen 4runner, and this "s*** brick" golf cart could out wheel it in the state it was in, even w/out clearance, as i said, because pretending to be a 4x4 enthusiast was more important to him than actually having a rig that would go somewhere. bald tires. broken hubs = no 4wd. massive exhaust leak = no one would ride with him. i can go on and on but i'll spare you.

yeah, saying this golf cart is an off road vehicle is a joke (hence the butt of a joke), but the fact that it would run circles around his 4runner is a sad truth. if you have a first gen 4runner for a year and deck it out with gear but don't bother to do anything to it so that it'll actually go somewhere, what kind of off-road enthusiast does that make you?

and what is it about this being a joke and making fun of someone that you don't get? hence the pick axe.
and that is not me knocking 4runners. i have nothing against them. that is just the sad state of disrepair that this particular vehicle was in that made it completely useless on the trail. it was not even road worthy half of the time because as i said, i can go on and on about the problems it had and the issues he had with repairing it. so if you have it for a year and wheeling is so important to you and it's the only thing you enjoy doing, then wouldn't you put some time and effort and money into repairing and maintaining the truck so you can actually wheel with it rather than buying gear that you can't use if you can't wheel anyway?
Ya right!... Well.. hence.. I, myself wasn't driving the 4 runner in 2wd.
I know the right pilot would have made it shine like i do to all my toyotas and would have put that "s*** brick" to shame completely balded stock and broken ..... its a toyota! die hard or get outta my house with ur battery eco green golf cart with no clubs, crap mining for ore bs!! stock toyotas are bawsy !!
lmao. dude it doesn't matter who's driving it or what make it is. there are certain fundamentals that a rig is not going to perform without. for example, if it doesn't have tires, a motor, and gas in the tank, it's not gonna go. no matter who you are. cute how you act like you know what you're talking about and try to pick a fight about it when you don't have a clue though. it really makes you look badass. and to prove just how smart you're making yourself look, the golf cart isn't eco green OR battery operated. where do you get this s*** and what does it have to do with anything? but you clearly haven't driven one since you don't know a damn thing about what'll do. and the 4runner wasn't stock either, but either way, you still don't know what it would or wouldn't do either do you?? but that's ok, i'm sure you enjoy living in your own little world where you know everything. who wouldn't? enjoy your day, fool.
Hence, heid you think your golf cart is all trail rated and s***. the way you took that you must of put a pretty dollar into the golf cart,
but didnt have enough to buy clubs?

So you decided to go minin? or is that for sabatosh? cause i know my atv would s*** on that go cart all day long............ hence hence hence
roflmao. do you have any idea how clueless you sound??? do i have to point this out to you AGAIN?? or are you just that dense?? this was about making fun of someONE and the way he took care of his rig. not the vehicle itself. and ONCE AGAIN i'll say that this golf cart is not seriously used as an off-road vehicle. and no, i haven't put s*** into it money wise either. it's a simple way to get around the farm and nothing more. once again, if you'd ever been on one, you'd know it'll go a lot of places you wouldn't think, but NO DUH an atv will out wheel it all day long. DID I EVER SAY IT WAS A SERIOUSLY TRAIL RATED VEHICLE? no, i didn't. BECAUSE IT'S A JOKE. maybe if i use caps enough you'll get that into your thick skull. and do i have to point out once AGAIN that the pick axe was a joke, as was the rest of it. dude wake the fxxx up and figure out what's going on before you start picking fights with people and knocking on their s*** w/out having a clue as to what you're talking about. dude keep trying to make fun of me all you want but you're just making yourself look dumber and dumber
isn't that what i said in the beginning? that if a plain and simple GOLF CART can out-wheel your rig because you've let it get so far into disrepair, you're not much of an off-road enthusiast are you??

and no, i wouldn't have a set of clubs if you gave them to me. because i wouldn't play golf if you paid me. but that's not relevant now is it??
i have drivin vehicles into the ground and i know for a fact any toyota thats beat to s*** is still gonna be the s*** with the right pilot/ mechanic
dude what the hell? you're still just making yourself look more and more like a dumbass. didn't i say in the first place (and haven't i said over and over again) that the golf cart could out wheel the 4runner BECAUSE THE OWNER DIDN'T CARE ENOUGH ABOUT IT TO WORK ON IT AND MAKE IT TRAIL WORTHY. haven't i said over and over again that i was making fun of the owner and his lack of care for the vehicle, rather than the vehicle itself. yeah, it would be a great rig that could wheel circles around this golf cart if it was actually worked on and taken care of. i never said it wouldn't. but that's the point that i've been saying again and again isn't it? that it WASN'T taken care of. so where do you get off taking it as a personal attack and pretending you have any clue about the situation and what either the toyota or the golf cart can or can't do in the state it was in. read the fxxxing thread before you start acting like a child by calling people names and threatening to throw rocks at them because you can't read and you STILL don't know what you're talking about. like assuming i'm fat? where does that even come from and how is THAT relevant? and yes, ONCE AGAIN, it's a REGULAR GOLF CART. IT'S NOTHING SPECIAL. THAT WAS THE POINT OF THE JOKE AND THAT'S WHY IT's SO SAD THAT THIS GUY LET HIS TRUCK BE IN SUCH SAD SHAPE THAT THIS GOLF CART WOULD GO MORE PLACES THAN HIS TRUCK WOULD. seriously?? how many times have i said that now?? once again, it doesn't matter if it's a toyota and it doesn't matter how good of a pilot you are. if it doesn't have certain essentials, it's not gonna go. period. you gonna run this golf cart into the ground without a steering wheel? how about without a transmission? alternator?? drive shaft??? you're that good huh??? if i say this golf cart can out-wheel a toyota that has 4 flat tires, you gonna attack me and start telling me my golf cart is a piece of s*** and you can run over it with a toyota with 4 flat tires? oh, wait, you're gonna fix it first and then it'll run over my golf cart?? WELL ISN'T THAT THE POINT. THAT HE DIDN'T FIX IT. isn't that why i've said AGAIN AND AGAIN that i was making fun of the owner and his lack of care for the vehicle rather than the vehicle itself. if i make fun of someone for letting their truck have 4 flat tires, i'm not saying there's anything wrong with the truck, other than that it won't go anywhere because it has 4 flat tires. so since you don't have a clue what kind of shape this vehicle was in, you can't say much about it can you????? and yet you keep trying to make the same irrelevant point that the rig would wheel the golf cart into the ground with the right pilot/mechanic. THE POINT WAS IT DID NOT HAVE THE RIGHT MECHANIC, WHICH IS WHY I WAS MAKING FUN OF HIM IN THE FIRST PLACE. THIS HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THE VEHICLE OR EVEN IF IT WAS A TOYOTA OR NOT. IT HAD TO DO WITH THE OWNER AND THE FACT THAT HE DIDN'T TAKE CARE OF IT AND COULDN'T WHEEL IT. how many times do i have to repeat myself before you figure this out?? you're arguing against yourself because what you're saying is completely irrelevant to the thread and the situation. now go reread it and finally get it into your head that i'm not knocking the truck, i'm knocking its owner. the fact that you can't get that and you keep trying to argue a moot point is exactly what's making you look so dense.
and this golf cart doesn't even have a roll cage. it has a frame that holds up the roof and holds on the windshield and there's a roof rack on top. nothing at all that's intended to work as a roll cage. i'm sorry, i'm not trying to make you look stupid. you're doing that on your own. and do you even know the meaning of the word "hence"? dude you can call seniority all you want because you made yourself look like an idiot and now you feel like a hurt puppy, but it doesn't make me give a s***. and where did you get the "don't like being called a noob much" comment from?? you can call me a noob all you want. you really think i care?? you're sadly mistaken.
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you're right though. i'm such an awful person for posting pics of a golf cart all dressed-up like an off-road vehicle and playing in the mud, pretending to be badass. i'm such an idiot for thinking some people might find it funny. won't happen again. i'm especially awful for explaining why we had our golf cart pretending to be an off-road vehicle in the first place. should've just let everyone think we were serious. i'll run hide in my corner now and cry because you don't like me being on YOUR forum. grow up man.
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and thanks for bringing up a sore subject since my mom was killed 2.5 years ago by a rock falling off a cliff and crushing her while she was riding her bike on the new river trail in virginia. true story. google it. now how do you feel about threatening to throw rocks at people??
The guy driving the golf cart looked fat.... i assumed you hence hence hence hence... ps. i read about maybe an 8th of your life story and i think im gonna call you heid the hoarder cause alot of things that where not fish just slipped through the net.
if you catch my drift rookie.
o and fat people are bawsy
oh making assumptions again were you?? isn't that what you've been doing the whole time that i've been saying doesn't give you a leg to stand on????
dude do YOU even know what you're talking about anymore?? you read an 8th of my life story and a lot of things that weren't fish slipped through the net? seriously? what is that even supposed to mean? what the hell life story do you think you read and how does that relate in any way to whatever you were trying to get at with "heid the hoarder." if you're trying to say something, come out and say it, cause i think you're trying to make yourself look clever to cover up some of the stupid s*** you've said already, but it's not really working. in fact it's having the opposite effect. i don't think you realize this, but you've dug yourself into such a hole in here nobody can even see you anymore. i highly suggest you quit while you're behind. and call me rookie all you like, i'll say AGAIN that i couldn't care less. sorry, again, for posting something on a forum that i may read but not otherwise post to. sorry for thinking some folks might get a kick out of it and then explaining the origin of what i posted. i'd like to point out that you don't even have a hundred posts and you've been on here for more than two years.

but hey, i'm glad you think my golf cart pilot's bawsy. you're right, he is! thanks!
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