UGH! I'm going insane

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Mar 24, 2003
I'm trying to get the end plate (the plate behind the timing gears on a 2f) off my stinkin' block. I cannot seem to get the #$@#$@ flat head @#$@# screws out. I've gone through two screw drivers- twisted the blades right off! :mad: If I put a wrench on the end, the @#$@# screwdriver just pops out (gouging the hell out of the screw in the process).

Is there some trick to getting these bastages out?!?! Am I just a wuss? It's a good thing I lost my hair years ago- I'm PISSED.

Any ideas? Oh, and I know I'm "screwed," too.
Get a center punch and a hammer. Place the point of the punch about half way out from center on a 45 and tap it till it starts to move . Once it moves you can turn it with a screwdriver.
try an impact screw driver (Craftsman makes a nice one). The driver bit goes in the screw head... you hit the driver with a hammer and it has a built in ratcheting type function. The pressure from the hammer strike keeps you in the slot or phillips head and the internal mechanism of the tool results in the bit turning.

Uraugh? Impact screwdriver? Sounds like a tool I ain't got!! I was thinking about using the center punch- the screws are already too buggered to re-use. If I can carry my a$$ out to sears, I'll check out the impact sd, though!

thanks, guys.
Well if they are already stripped.... get the drill out.
Well, I took my little girl swimming rather than heading to Sears. Anyway, I got home and tried out the center punch- would you believe it worked like a champ?!? I'm very greatful for the assistance. :bow:

At any rate, I'll probably grab that impact SD anyway- to get the new screws in. Unbelievably, removing this plate has been the most difficult part of getting my engine ready for reassembly! The head should be done next week, so assuming I can find all the nuts, bolts and gaskets I need to replace, I'll be putting it all back together next Saturday.

:D :D :D

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