U.S. gas and Trollhole carb

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Oct 1, 2010
Lubbock Tx
Just an FYI, I've been running a Trollhole carb for 2 yrs now and it has ran great, until a few days ago. It kept running out of gas. After checking the pump and changing filters and cleaning the needle valve a few times I decided to change out the valve and seat from my old carb. That's when I found the screen on the bottom of the seat had melted. It has a plastic bottom cap and some form of plastic ring around the top, I think, hard to tell. I figure the alcohol in U.S. gas did it?? Maybe I just had a bad one who knows. But if you have a sticking float valve pull the seat and check.
Aftermarket carb rebuild kits use lower quality parts than Toyota did.
Also keep an eye on the plunger boot. It can rot away in no time. When it does, some of the rubber pieces just might drop into the accelerator pump bore and work their way into the float chamber. You will find out when that happens when you are climbing a steep mountain road with 10 cars behind you and the engine starts to die due to plugged jet.
Hey, E, long time no see. Did you get back to Trollhole and see if he had an answer?
Hey J...how's it like up in the clouds...lol Na no reason to trouble him about this, got it fixed with the brass screen from old carb and I don't believe he has the power to fix our lousy gas...lol. This is a great carb and first trouble I've I had with it, no bitch here.
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