u-joint and transfer case q's

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Oct 24, 2007
geographical area known as canada, near ontario
hi, i have a few issues with my fj62 atm.
while driving at 90-100km/h, i am getting a heavy vibration. i believe the vibration is coming from the front drive shaft. i checked the u-joints and found there is free play at the ujoints and near the transfer case. the ujoints in front ds are shot. im guessing the tcase bearing is shot. i think a tcase rebuild is warranted or swap in another tcase. there is also a mild vibration around 1600-1800rpms.

my 4wd light was on for a long time(4months) and i was told not to worry about it...after reading on mud, i figured there was something wrong in the vacuum line. there was and so the vacuum lines were fixed and the light turned off.

now the light doesnt come on when i shift into 4LOW. i am unsure if 4low is actually working.
4HI seems to work fine
-my front ds spins about 1/4 turn with hubs locked and 4HI NOT activated 1- is there something wrong here?
my front ds spins completely free when hubs unlocked.

and i am also getting a grinding noise when reversing. this only happens when i give gas and reseverse. if shift into R amd just let back up, there is no grinding.
there is no free play in rear ds. everything is tight. 2- is the rear tranny output shaft making this noise because of worn splines??

ive been looking to aquire u-joints to replace my old s**te ones. 3- i was wondering if the are all the same or some different in the front???

4- and last question is does the tranny have to come off to rebuild the tcase????

any help would be apreciated.
thank you in advance
1 question.....all this time your green light was on........was your lock in lock outs(hubs) engaged ?........hope the hell not:whoops:
no my hubs were not engaged, . ur question doesnt help me out.
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