U Bolt Flip

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Dec 22, 2004
Bend Oregon
I did a search but I didn't find any resent info. Dose anyone make a u bolt flip kit besides Man a Fre? Was the bending isue ever resolved? Is everyone still happy with their Flip kits?

Mine haven't bent any further and I do check the torque value on them once in a while. It hasn't changed any in the last year. Don't know if anyone else is making something similar. $150 a pair seems steep but I'd buy 'em again - I like Dave Gore's products and these really are functional.
Bending issue? Must have missed that, please fill me in since I installed my MAF flip kit.
Bending issue? Must have missed that, please fill me in since I installed my MAF flip kit.

Just retorque the u-bolts once in a while and keep your eye on the top plate flatness on the front axle. The pictures I posted a while back seem to have been removed from 60wag's old thread.
Looks interesting dont really understand it from the pictures. Any body running these yet?
Looks like the U-bolt nuts flush up with the bottom of u-bolt plate.


In this picture you can kind of see the design. The bottom of the u-bolt plates are flush with the bottom of the U-bolt nut. Looks like you would need to trim the U-bolts pretty flush to the end of the nut. It uses the stock set-up but just protects the nuts from being deformed and helps them to slide on obstacles.
This is one of my major concerns with my build. Dont want to go SOA just yet if I can make the stock suspension work and keep it low. I AM concerned about clearance under the axle where the ubolts/plates are. I am very lucky to have a very good friend who is a proffesional welder/fabricator, and if/when we build somehting I will def. post up.

Wasnt there somehting here about Chevy plates to DIY or ???
The plates in MAF's U-bolt flip are 3/8" or 1/2": how could they bend without getting bashed on rocks?
Well, the plates are above the axle so that should tell you something.
Just installed LCWIZARD's U-BOLT flip kit for my 84 and it is STOUT and went together really quick. Love it, highly recommend!
I am NOT a fan of MAF. Bought direct from LCWIZARD

You, and I, are in the majority of not being maf fans. Maybe the relationship between maf and Dave has changed to where he can sell his products directly. He didn't use to have that flexibility, or at least that was my experience quite a few years ago. Good on ya for being able to go directly to the source!
When i was doing my front axle swap, my u-bolts were in a bad way. i had a use a 2' breaker bar to get the f--king nuts off them, and one of them sheared right off, the nut was essentially welded. and the plate that was supposed to protect them had taken one to many hits with rocks, was a nightmare getting off. took me 45 minutes of constant turning with the breaker bar to get them all off.

time to get the u-bolt flip kit, so i'm trying to figure out which ones to get. i really don't like the MAF design with the shock mounting at the bottom. i mean, WTF? what's the point of flipping the bolts to keep the nuts out of harm's way, if you're just going to stick your shock bushing there instead. ???

are the ones from dave the same design?
has anyone tried the superior engineering u-bolt flip kit? looks like they're designed for SOA, if i'm not mistaken.

i might just have to get the 4+ stuff and get rid of that shock mount on them.
i have tha man a fre's and I am happy with them. They are a bit spendy but what do you do. and yes, I did hit the shock mount on one ofthem and it is a bit ground off. If you move the shock mount up you will shorten theshock stroke and limit articulation. Of corce you could always move the upper shock mount too...


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