Tyre spoons?

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Asian Redneck
Mar 10, 2008
Belton, SC
Anyone have tire spoons? I need to dismount one of the monster tires, has a really bad leak. I air it up about 10am and its flat before 3pm. So i wanna dismount the tire from the rim and take the tire some were to see if some one will patch it. I already has one of those traill fixes wit the plug
why not take the tire and wheel together...why split them up? Gerald's will do it and aren't going to charge you extra for any labor or anything just what they normally would for finding a leak and plugging it if possible.
They may charge to patch a tire. Shouldn't be more than $10 - $15 though.
You'll pull a piano upstairs with a house cat before you dismount a monster tire by hand IMO.

The 4X4 shop here has to hit mine pretty hard with the hydraulic press to break the bead and roll it off the rim. And they're only 34s.

While you've got it off check the rim real good for smoothness. I fought slow and fast leaks for a couple of years after running Gulches once aired down. Some mud just dries harder than epoxy and when you think you've got it off then another chunk breaks loose and Hey Presto! another leak.
I know some of y'all have seen me use the hi-lift technique for dismounting a tire. Just position the tire under your rear bumper and use the hi-lift to unseat the bead inward. This technique is fine for clearing mud from the rim as Bill described above, but it won't help if you truly want to leave the wheel at home and take the tire to the shop.
Yes, I've done that in the field, you can do it at home with a big C-clamp I suppose. Getting the bead over the rim is the bear. I've done it by hand with motorcycle tires, I'd never try it with a big old mud tire.

A tire machine will zip it off in moments.
that is why I asked why he wants to separate the two from eachother....just carry whole damn thing to Geralds or Frankies and let the experts do it with the right tools and spend the $20 or less they might charge. :)
i dont know anyone local that will dismount a 38
Take it to Zip's Kar Kare in Mt. P. Tell Craig or Allen that you know me, They'll take care of it.
Andy (Young fellow who works there) does all of his mudding buddy's tires.
but will any of them patch it?
They will if that is what you want
no on high rollers, B&R on cross county, LC 4x4 no answer will check strobel on 17a tho
Nope Strobel said nope treadis shot oh well cruiser on jacks again
all these rigs with big tires....they got to be getting them done somewhere.....I know all these yahoos are not mounting and balancing their own tires in their garages and driveways.......and I find it hard to believe HIGH ROLLERS doesnt as they specialize in big tires and mud bogger trucks. Find it hard to believe none of these shops can do larger tires... unless they dont want to do it because the plug needs to go in the sidewall or right on the edge of sidewall.

got to be more to the story than just big tires.....how about a semi-Truck tire shop....I know they got balancers and gear big enough? Hell, Frankies has trucks in lot he used to drive or sponsor for mudbogging races and moster truck style events.

Did you try the Geralds on Dorchester closer to Hayloft...not one in Summerville?

You sure you are not pissing them off on the phone.....LOL.
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I went up to strobel and took them the tire said tread was seprating thats y they wont mess wit it by the looks of it all of them are shot so i gave it to a friend gona see if he can fix the leak at the farm so i drive onit till i find some tires and to top it all off DD needs tires tooo grrrr
Maybe Ron will do his Brittany impression for you instead LOL

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