For Sale [TX] 9/73 - 84 FJ40 Rear Step

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Nov 3, 2010
Lubbock, TX
United States
[TX] 9/73 - 84 FJ40 Rear Step ** SOLD **

9/73 to 1984 Rear Step for sale, in excellent condition. ** SOLD **

I purchased this from a coworkers elderly father, who told me he that he took it off a 1977 FJ40 that he bought new because he added a receiver hitch and the step was in the way. It has been sitting in his shop, in the dry west-Texas air, since probably the late 70s.

I couldn't find anyone with a "used" rear step in stock, [STRIKE]nor could I find any (current or sold) on eBay[/STRIKE] but I did find one that isn't as nice as mine that sold on eBay for $80. SOR has an aftermarket rear step in stock for $198.34 (price checked 5/19/11). My price for this original step in great shape is [STRIKE]$150[/STRIKE] $80, plus shipping. ** SOLD **

** EDIT **

I have no idea how to price parts as this is the first time I've ever tried doing anything like this. I do NOT want to "rip people off" (nor do I want to get ripped off). Because my original price was so far off the mark, and because I would like to maintain a good reputation on MUD, I will be listing all of my further parts on eBay, beginning at .01 I'm sorry if the prices I quoted folks was too high, but I'm trying to learn. Thanks for understanding.

*** END EDIT ***

Item is sold as-is. Shipping charge will be actual shipping cost (including packaging) from the shipper of your choice. I can ship internationally, but there is a $25 additional fee for doing so.

Thank you for looking. Please PM me or reply to this post with questions or if you would like to buy.
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