Wanted TX 2006 LX470 parts wanted: Rear view mirror, mirror computer, body computer, vapor canister

Mar 30, 2015

Seeking 100-series parts for a 2006 LX470​

I'll search individual parting out threads for potential 100-series donors, but thought it might be worth a post asking if anyone might have any of the following:

Rear view mirror, an ECU from the driver door, vapor (charcoal / evap) canister, or the Body ECU from the rear of the vehicle

Part numbers are:
  • 89430-60041 Outer Mirror Control Computer Assembly
  • 89226-60020 Computer, Multiplex Network Body, No.2
  • 87810-60210-B0 Mirror Assy, Inner Rear View (stone color)
  • 77740-60450 Vapor canister (from rear of vehicle)
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