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Apr 6, 2013
San Antonio, TX
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  1. 80 Series
78258 San Antonio Texas, United States
Hi all, I just bought a small river property and need side-by-side instead of a LC, so gonna put the old girl up for sale. She's almost 30 years old now, so by no means perfect, but she runs good and is a lot of fun to drive. Would be a good launching point for someone to take it to the next level

Here's the skinny:
1991 FJ80; White with Grey Interior
  • 291K miles on original motor and tranny. Runs good with no issues.
  • From the factory = NO SUNROOF; NO RUNNING BOARDS: Mechanical Seats!!
  • No Rust!
  • Has 2" TJM lift on 285/75//16's (1000 miles on these tires)
  • Wheels are from 2010 FJ cruiser and have 1" spacers right now. Easily removed, but I liked the look a little better.
  • Motor has been completely baselined and is in great shape:
    • Regular oil changes
    • Transmission flush 3K miles ago
    • All diffs and Transfer Case oils changed 3K miles ago
    • Motor has had all seals replaced with Toyota OEM gaskets and has no leaks other than small drip at back of oil pan (I will include factory cork gasket for this job)
    • All coolant was flushed and all hoses and vacuum hoses have been replaced
    • Deleted the vacuum canister, but I still have it and will throw it in if you need it.
    • Brake fluids have been flushed
  • Birfs rebuilt 3K miles ago with Toyota OEM parts. I have all reciepts
  • Interior is pretty clean, but does have a ripped driver seat bottom. Can't tell with the seat covers
    • I've tried to keep the interior as stock as possible with exception of the stereo.
  • Dash has no cracks!!
  • Has Coverking Neoprene seat covers on 1st and 2nd row
  • Everything in the interior works, but some window motors are moving a little slow these days. Easily replaced
  • Has new window rubbers on all 4 roll-down windows
  • Has a Scion head, all Pioneer speakers in the doors and a 8" bazooka tube with amp in the back. Sounds pretty good!
  • WeatherTech mats in the front
  • New clam shell for steering column was purchased 8 months ago
  • I'm sure I'm forgetting things but I'll update as I remember them
  • Brakes are a little soft (may just need bleeding)
  • PO had an attempted theft and the spring that returns the ignition key to neutral-position after starting has broken, so you have to start it and then rotate the key back into the neutral position or the starter stays engaged. Not a huge deal if you are aware. I like to think of it as my security system :)
  • Clear coat is peeling in a few places and some of the black coating on the trim is peeling. Typical for age in South Texas
  • The AC works, but one of the pressure hoses is about to go. I plan on getting it fixed soon or we can work it into the price
  • Has a aftermarket home made bumper on it that is heavy and will hold a winch, but no winch has ever been installed
  • Factory electric antenna works, but I bent the mast in a car wash. I have the new mast and will replace it prior to sell
Comes with:
  • Factory Service manual on CD Rom
  • Factory 3rd row seats
  • a lot of new, spare and take-off parts that I've collected over the years
  • All the records and receipts since I got her in 2013
  • My Lucky Sumo who has ridden in the worthless center console cubby since I got her. He's brought great luck and joy to the LC!
Asking $6,000 but open to some wiggle room. Let me know if you'd like to discuss or want more pics. Shoot me a PM and I'll respond ASAP






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