Two Week Wonder

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Excellent write-up. I wonder if posting all the info and pics took more time than the resto. ;) Enjoy yourself out on the trail! Again, GREAT JOB!!!

The rebuild took me 2 weeks and the posting took about 2 1/2 hours to get it all up.

Sorry guys, but I am not going to put strips on the trailer. It will get towed by other vehicles and my 4Runner is the only one that has strips.
Where'd you find a trailer for sale around here......or did you already have one lying around?
Jolly good there young man, you show us a lot we can look forward to doing.,,now lets stop cleaning and painting and go get it dirty.

I bought this one from a guy in California. If hunt the Internet long enough you can find one close enough to go get it. Do a Google search for M416 and scan the results for hits in the Internet classifieds pages. That is how I found this one. Ebay seems to have them listed on a regular basis. The only trouble with Ebay is, that they always seem to be on the other side of the country. Just keep hunting for one, sooner or later you'll find one.

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