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Apr 19, 2009
Sorry to be bombarding this board with amateur questions, but I'm on a roll so heres a few more:

1st image
Does this thing serve any real purpose? The tire guys mangled it and I'd be more than happy not to buy a new one unless my hub will burst into flames without it.

2nd image
I'm assuming there's supposed to be weatherstripping on the body side of the rear doors? After a waterfall car wash experience, I noticed that both rear door frames are devoid of weatherstripping. Water only pours in on one side though.

Thanks all, I'll give it a rest for a while.
I'll give this a try:

#1 - Looks like a cosmetic piece that comes with some rims. Was probably nice and shiny at one time. Serves no useful purpose.

#2 - There is no weather striping on the body side of any of the doors. The weather stripping goes on the doors themselves.
X2 on #1. I got rid of them, all they were doing was collecting rust.:cheers:
Number 1 is just there for cosmetics. Factory cover over the hub. Was previously chrome haha.

Number 2 sounds like you need new weatherstripping on your door.
Weatherstripping is on the doors. It's 20+ years old, and worn out. You can order replacement pieces for each door. You can also order additional weatherstripping that replaces the brown plastic trim pieces that goes around the door opening from Kevin Rowland. If you also replace the rubber window channels, you will cut down on more wind noise and water leaks and your windows will go up and down much easier.
On #2 – did you have the issue before you installed the rain-gutter tower mounts? If they are mounted over a door they may be holding it from closing completely. I had some mounted on a van and the sliding door would never close - moved them around and it sealed ok

Ok so you know #1 is not needed

#2 they are right about the stripping. Here's a little trick I learned a while back. Step 1 (this is important) roll down the window all the way on leaking door.
Step 2 with door open place knee at top of door panel & "gently" give top of door (window frame) a tug or two towards you.
This will bring window frame in just a bit & may stop leak. Of course if w-strip is shot this won't help
The leak was there before i put the tower mounts on. I'll give the door tug a try, thanks for the tip.
Add this to my useless windshield gasket, My 62 seems especially water permeable.
#1 - ditto
#2 - You should get this if Kevin gets it back in stock. Weatherstrip

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