Two Problems with my FJ 40

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Dec 24, 2009
Boxford, MA and Sanibel, FL
First, when my gas tank gets below 1/2 the truck runs awful. I have replaced the wires, plugs, rotor, distrib. cap, fuel filter, air filter, gas filter and gas pump. Any thoughts?

My second problem is I added power steering and a/c to the rig and the only way to tighten the belt is with the alternator. The a/c compressor, alternator and power steering pump are on the same belt. Any thoughts on how I can add a tensioner would be appreciated.

Thank you.
FJ40 Belt.jpg
What year is your cruiser? Cleaned the tank out? I sure have my fingers crossed for Sanibel Island!
Spent a lot of time there growing up. Really worried it may never be the same if (when) the oil hits.
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the half full fuel tank issue might be a problem inside the tank. if you know some one with a bore scope you could check out the pick up in the bottom of the tank.

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